October 19, 2021
Alisha Keirstead
Most of the world’s population lack access to trained mental health professionals. Alisha Keirstead shares how EDC is helping fill the void.
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February 10, 2020
Identifying learning disabilities among students who are struggling is often difficult, but for English learners—the fastest growing segment of students in U.S. schools —this challenge is multiplied.
Erica Macheca
February 4, 2020
What is augmented reality (AR)? It is just like what it sounds: amplifying what you see in the “real world” with additional information, presented digitally.
Heidi Larson
January 22, 2020
Moving professional development online is a great option, but it’s essential to create structures that support participation on discussion boards.
January 16, 2020
In an age when a lot of our training is offered online, it is vital we use innovative techniques to connect with our virtual...
Zoe Baptista
January 6, 2020
I’ve found that communities of practice are a powerful approach to fostering ongoing professional learning, promoting peer mentoring, and fueling changes in practice that support continuous improvement.
Siobhan Bredin
December 18, 2019
But whether you live in Massachusetts or elsewhere, you don’t have to rely on policy to protect your children from the dangers of vaping. Here are some actions you can take to keep them safe.
Shari Kessel Schneider
December 17, 2019
Recently, we completed a study of public educational media that helps answer the question, “Can technology really help kids make sense of their world?”, by providing new insights into how children’s on-screen activities can impact their off-screen learning.
Naomi Hupert Megan Silander
December 11, 2019
To support administrators and teachers in thinking about what whole-school integration looks like, my colleagues and I are currently developing the CT Integration Framework .
Heather Sherwood
December 9, 2019
All students can learn how to code, and all students can enjoy programming a computer to do things that genuinely interest them.
E. Paul Goldenberg